As an integral part of the STAHLWILLE Group the VBW stands for excellent tools of highest quality made in Germany.

Our success is an open secret: apart from the best, most durable quality, our design engineering teams are constantly on the look-out for ways to optimise tools to make working with our tools even easier and more efficient. It is only this dedication to perfection that can make pioneering products like our LightCUT series possible in the first place.

With a range of well over 1000 products for such key tool families as bolt-cutters, waterpump pliers, pipe wrenches and many other kinds of pliers, cutters & spanners of all designs, we are well situated in the market and supply far more than just conventional needs. VBW - made in Germany.

In order to guarantee these high quality standards, we are committed to the products we make – from design engineering and manufacture to worldwide sales and customer services. The result of this is 360-degree customer care, that extends well beyond sale of the products, and that is appreciated by our customers.

This cooperation coupled with our customers' enthusiasm provides daily impetus to boost our motivation.

Our high-performance services = your benefit. Try us and find out for yourself.

Good reasons why VBW convinces

Since 1828: VBW understands what is required. Due to our expe­rience for nearly 200 years, we have been manu­fac­turing tools with commit­ment and enthusiasm.

Exceptional quality: we use only high-quality materials that are crafted with the greatest accuracy to make tools that professionals appreciate.

Broad product range: we can supply you with exactly the right pliers & cutters for every require­ment. This means solu­tions for you that span several trades.

Personal assistance: to make com­mu­nication between us easier, you will be assigned a contact who will be aware of all your trans­actions with us.

Courage to innovate: require­ments change, which is why our design engineers are constantly on the look-out for improve­ments.

Tested for safety: to ensure you can always work safely, we apply all the relevant standards and tests as a matter of course.