Products with added value

Different trades and the variety of operations involved in their work make great demands on the end user and his or her tools. One consequence of this is that we select only high-grade materials and ensure professional craftsmanship for all our tools, taking into account all the necessary standards. To make sure you always have the right tool at the right time, we can provide you with exactly the pliers & cutters you need.

As an example, have a closer look at our LightCUT® series: by using extremely light weight materials, we have made working with these bolt and wire-mesh cutters less tiring, so the job also puts less strain on your back, while retaining tool rigidity and product quality.

From powerful bolt-cutters and Stillson wrenches with non-slip handles through to bespoke engineered designs for individual applications and beyond – experience the power of VBW.

Good reasons why VBW convinces

Since 1828: VBW understands what is required. Due to our expe­rience for nearly 200 years, we have been manu­fac­turing tools with commit­ment and enthusiasm.

Exceptional quality: we use only high-quality materials that are crafted with the greatest accuracy to make tools that professionals appreciate.

Broad product range: we can supply you with exactly the right pliers & cutters for every require­ment. This means solu­tions for you that span several trades.

Personal assistance: to make com­mu­nication between us easier, you will be assigned a contact who will be aware of all your trans­actions with us.

Courage to innovate: require­ments change, which is why our design engineers are constantly on the look-out for improve­ments.

Tested for safety: to ensure you can always work safely, we apply all the relevant standards and tests as a matter of course.