Cutters for bolts & welded wire-mesh for professionals on-site

All VBW bolt-cutters & welded wire-mesh cutters are crafted from the highest-grade special steel available, starting with the cutter head and joint, through to the tubes for the handles. We will ensure that, at the end of the process, you have a high-grade tool for first-class professionals.

Our VBW tools offer you a broad selection of different styles & finishes.

Whether it is VBW compact bolt cutters with a total length of only 390 mm for work in confined spaces or VBW long-reach cutters with a length of 1000 mm – the problem-solver for hard-to-reach places, such as the 1st and 2nd layers – we are sure to find you the ideal solution.

Our patented LightCUT® family of tools is worthy of special note: thanks to the use of high-quality, sturdy aluminium tubing, resulting in a "featherweight" tool starting at only 2300 g, you can be sure of accurate results and strain-free, back-saving working.

Interesting facts about bolt-cutters

The efficiency of the cutter head is determined to a large extent by the cutter geometry. In reality the bolt-cutter is not a cutter, at all. Since it does not have sharp knives, the "cutting" process is more a parting process as the two cutters penetrate the material simultaneously and simply cause a defined rupture. A number of factors play a crucial and decisive role in ensuring the functionality, effectiveness and lifetime of the tool.

Handy hints: the greatest cutting force is achieved if the first nick is applied with the tip of the cutterhead before applying the full width of the cutters to the material to be cut. Always hold the tool straight and at right angles to the workpiece. In addition, the results of the cutting process and the lifetime of the VBW professional bolt-cutters & cutters for welded wire-mesh will depend, amongst other things, on the angle at which the cutters are ground and their radius – we have compiled the key stages in the production process (illustration on right).

VBW bolt-cutters & cutters for welded wire-mesh are manufactured in many individual steps under the close supervision of our quality assurance inspectors and on the basis of the manufacturing workflows. Uncompromising cutting performance is provided by VBW's hand-picked, high-grade alloy CrV special steels. These points together explain why our tools provide outstanding cutting results up to 48 HRC.

Good reasons why VBW convinces

Since 1828: VBW understands what is required. Due to our expe­rience for nearly 200 years, we have been manu­fac­turing tools with commit­ment and enthusiasm.

Exceptional quality: we use only high-quality materials that are crafted with the greatest accuracy to make tools that professionals appreciate.

Broad product range: we can supply you with exactly the right pliers & cutters for every require­ment. This means solu­tions for you that span several trades.

Personal assistance: to make com­mu­nication between us easier, you will be assigned a contact who will be aware of all your trans­actions with us.

Courage to innovate: require­ments change, which is why our design engineers are constantly on the look-out for improve­ments.

Tested for safety: to ensure you can always work safely, we apply all the relevant standards and tests as a matter of course.