Sanitary installations

The many different and often complicated applications, exacerbated by problems involving tightening threaded fasteners and joints in this field, require a variety of pliers & spanners. In bathrooms and other sanitary installations, accuracy and high-quality working methods are essential to avoid serious damage resulting from leaking water pipes etc.

VBW pliers & spanners are designed to meet all these challenges. From the classic waterpump pliers – the red ones with the yellow dot – and plumber's wrenches through to sophisticated X-Grip ABC pipe wrenches, whose universal jaw design makes them extremely versatile for numerous applications.

Included among the most frequently used tools in the field of bathrooms and sanitary installations are, without doubt, the wide-ranging group of plumber's wrenches and waterpump pliers. Plumber's wrenches (also referred to as Stillson wrenches or pipe wrenches) are particularly designed for working with piping and are used to a large extent in connection with pipe installation fasteners and joints (union nuts, fittings etc.). This is a classic tool in sanitary installations, heating systems and air conditioning or ventilation systems.

Waterpump pliers differ from pipe wrenches in the way they work. Waterpump pliers are self-locking as a result of the lever mechanism. The nut on the lower arm of a VBW pipe wrench limits the amount by which the jaws will open. This means it is not necessary to squeeze the two handles together to grasp the workpiece firmly. The coarse teeth in the jaws of the tool will bite into the surface of the pipes.

Interesting facts about pipe wrenches

Different orientation of the jaws:

A: Jaws orientated at 90° (corner pipe wrench)

The advantages: even when the jaws are wide open, they are parallel to each other and grasp the workpiece firmly along their entire length. This makes it the ideal tool for tightening hexagonal or octagonal fittings.

B: Jaws orientated at 45° (corner pipe wrench)

Different shapes of jaws:

A: For gripping objects with parallel lands, such as nuts

B: One concave, one straight jaw, for grasping objects with parallel lands or for round objects

C: S-shaped, for grasping round objects

Interesting facts about pipe cutters

VBW pipe cutters are used by plumbers to cut various metal and plastic pipes. The shape is reminiscent of a screw clamp.

The pipe to be cut is placed in the pipe cutter and the cutting wheel fed up to the pipe using the screw mechanism. To cut a pipe, open the pipe cutter and lay the pipe in place.

Advance the cutting wheel towards the pipe using the adjusting mechanism until it presses firmly against the pipe. Turning the pipe cutter around the pipe will now cut into the pipe.

These tools are used as a matter of course in laying water and heating pipes but are also a great help when cutting plastic pipes and empty round cable ducts.

Good reasons why VBW convinces

Since 1828: VBW understands what is required. Due to our expe­rience for nearly 200 years, we have been manu­fac­turing tools with commit­ment and enthusiasm.

Exceptional quality: we use only high-quality materials that are crafted with the greatest accuracy to make tools that professionals appreciate.

Broad product range: we can supply you with exactly the right pliers & cutters for every require­ment. This means solu­tions for you that span several trades.

Personal assistance: to make com­mu­nication between us easier, you will be assigned a contact who will be aware of all your trans­actions with us.

Courage to innovate: require­ments change, which is why our design engineers are constantly on the look-out for improve­ments.

Tested for safety: to ensure you can always work safely, we apply all the relevant standards and tests as a matter of course.