Special-purpose pliers

VBW provides numerous pliers designed to solve specific problems in individual trades.

Professional VBW quality is guaranteed for this selection of high-grade crimping tools for electrical applications, circlip pliers for fitting snap rings through to punch pliers for fine work on ceramic tiles.

Interesting facts about crimping tools

Crimping is a form of joining two components using a pressing action of a crimp. In practice, this is a frequently used process in electrical applications. In this way, crimping a terminal sleeve onto a wire often replaces more tedious soldering and brazing jobs.

To ensure a durable connection, it is essential to use a crimping tool whose dimensions and pressing force are matched to the wire gauge (mm²), because only a full contact connection between the conductor and the insulation sheathing can prevent corrosion and guarantee a long-term reliable connection.

VBW® crimping tools cover the range of different profiles and have these features:

1. Strain-free working thanks to ergonomics handles

2. Low stress handling thanks to optimised force transmission

3. Manufactured from high-grade special steel and produced with special hardening processes

Interesting facts about circlip pliers

Circlip pliers (or snap ring pliers) are tools used for fitting and removing circlips or Seeger retaining rings.

There are two different types of these pliers, depending on their field of application:

1. Circlip pliers for internal circlips are used to force the ends of an internal snap ring or circlip together. The two ends are forced together so the ring can be inserted into the groove.

2. Circlip pliers for external circlips are used to open up an external circlip so it can be positioned over a shaft end or in an external groove.


Handy hints: note the importance of the size, especially when removing circlips. To prevent overloading smaller pliers in circlips that are too large, all VBW® circlip pliers are permanently marked with the size. Stubborn circlips should be loosened in situ before attempting to remove them. We recommend you wear safety goggles.

Interesting facts about plastic side-cutters

Capability through many years' experience
VBW® cutters for the plastics industry have been specially designed for cutting off sprues and burrs on plastic injection mouldings. After many years of development work, we can now offer a comprehensive range of these tools.

With full-flush cutters
VBW® plastic side-cutters enable sprues and burrs to be removed without leaving residues because these cutters are manufactured without the bevel that is necessary for cutting hard wires.

Induction-hardened cutters
The cutters of our plastic side-cutters are additionally induction-hardened. This makes them extremely hard and wear-resistant – cutter edges stay sharp for longer.

Fibreglass cutters
Fibreglass presents considerable challenges to the cutting edges that other plastics do not. Model 641 (refer to page 111) has been designed by VBW® specifically for cutting fibreglass, which includes optical fibre cables and glass-reinforced plastic parts.

Good reasons why VBW convinces

Since 1828: VBW understands what is required. Due to our expe­rience for nearly 200 years, we have been manu­fac­turing tools with commit­ment and enthusiasm.

Exceptional quality: we use only high-quality materials that are crafted with the greatest accuracy to make tools that professionals appreciate.

Broad product range: we can supply you with exactly the right pliers & cutters for every require­ment. This means solu­tions for you that span several trades.

Personal assistance: to make com­mu­nication between us easier, you will be assigned a contact who will be aware of all your trans­actions with us.

Courage to innovate: require­ments change, which is why our design engineers are constantly on the look-out for improve­ments.

Tested for safety: to ensure you can always work safely, we apply all the relevant standards and tests as a matter of course.